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Ask Us Anything About Our Cleaning Work

We, at Jazmín Major Cleaning Services LLC, are aware that you may have inquiries concerning our cleaning services, and we are available to answer any questions you may have regarding our work in Lynnwood, WA. We can help with thorough cleaning, one-time cleaning, office cleaning, construction cleanup, and move-in and move-out cleaning. To obtain the answers you need, please take a moment to go over our frequently asked questions.

How does deep cleaning differ from routine cleaning, and what does it entail?

Deep cleaning is a complete cleaning service that extends beyond standard cleaning duties. It involves cleaning frequently overlooked spaces, including baseboards, vents, and the interiors of appliances. If you want to clean your space more thoroughly and meticulously, deep cleaning is advised.

What is a one-time cleaning, and is it something I should think about?

A one-time cleaning is a specific service that is given only when it is required. It’s perfect for people who don’t need cleaning services on a regular basis but need assistance on special occasions, cleaning up after parties, or moving into or out of a location. To swiftly get your house or place of business in peak condition, you may schedule a one-time residential cleaning session with us.

Are you able to tailor your office cleaning services to meet our requirements?

Yes, we offer expert office cleaning services that are catered to your unique needs. Since every office is unique, we will collaborate with you to develop a cleaning schedule that fits your demands and operating hours.

What does a cleaning service for move-in and move-out include?

Cleaning services for both move-in and move-out procedures are intended to get a place ready for new tenants or to guarantee that your old property is left immaculate. Deep cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing of all areas – kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and more – are usually included in our move-out and move-in home cleaning services.

Are you able to manage cleaning tasks after construction?

Yes. Following a renovation or building project, we provide post construction cleaning services to get rid of dust, trash, and construction-related mess. We’ll make sure your area is tidy, safe, and prepared for use.

Do you provide professional house cleaning solutions?

Yes, we use professional products and techniques to provide first-class outcomes. Please let us know if you have any special requests or concerns, and we will try our best to meet your needs.

How can I make an appointment for your company’s cleaning services?

It’s simple to book a cleaning service. You can get in touch with us via phone. We’ll talk about your requirements, give you a price, and arrange a convenient time for your cleaning service.

Do I have to supply the tools and supplies for cleaning?

No, you don’t have to worry about providing tools or cleaning supplies. With top-notch cleaning products and equipment at their disposal, our team of experts will make sure your place is completely cleaned.

What is your cleaning service price list?

The kind and extent of the cleaning task determine the price. We will present you with an estimate prior to the start of the service, and we offer fair and open pricing. Our objective is to provide you with budget-friendly, high-quality cleaning.

We hope that you have learned a lot about our office and home deep cleaning services from our FAQ page. At Jazmín Major Cleaning Services LLC, we take great satisfaction in providing outstanding cleaning solutions in Lynnwood, WA tailored to your individual requirements. Do not hesitate to get in touch by dialing (425) 310-1487 if you need additional help or if you have any further queries.